The Greek Foreign Ministry has issued a stern reply to the Turkish Foreign Ministry which claims that the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Turkey borders on Egypt’s based on the theory that the small island Kastelorizo has no continental shelf.

This is despite the fact that the UN’s 1982 Law of the Sea Convention states that islands do have an EEZ.

Turkey is not a signatory to the Convention.

Cyprus, Turkey, and Egypt have already forged a tripartite energy collaboration and have told Turkey not to intervene in Cyprus’ EEZ.

Turkey’s arguments are “wrong” and “legally untenable”and Turkey’s assertions as are the coordinates cited by Turkey’s UN Ambassador to the UN in a 13 November letter to the UN regarding Turkey’s rights in sea zones in the Eastern Mediterranean in Eastern according to the Greek Foreign Ministry.

In its statement it states that Turkey’s assertions are not new and have repeatedly been answered with letters to the UN.

As we have stated in these letters, the UN’s Convention states that regardless of their size islands have sea zones just as land zones  and have full sovereign rights. The delimitation of the continental shelf and EEZ between states in areas with adjacent nearby shores either on islands or on land must be carried out in accordance with International Law and based on its principles.

The Greek statement says the assertions in Turkey’s 13 November letter violate International Law of the Sea and Greece rejects in its entirety. It has no legal results regarding Greece’s rights.

As for Turkey’s letter to the UN regarding rights west of the 28th meridian up to the point that will be decided in future agreements regarding delimitation in the Aegean and the Mediterranean with all countries involved” the Greek Foreign Ministry stated.