A strong bond market rally today followed the government’s announcement of a complete lifting of capital controls which were instituted in June, 2015.

The yield on the ten-year bond dropped to 1.83%, a 12 basis-point drop, or 6.45 percent as compared to Monday’s closing.

It should be noted that the return on the 10-year bond has dropped by approximately 15 basis points.

As compared to August, 2018, the 10-year bond yield has dropped by 220 basis points.

There was also a strong rally on the Greek five-year bond, with a return of 1.092 percent – a seven percentage point drop as compared to 26 August.

The yield on the new seven-year bond is 1.536 percent.

Longer term bond yields are also at a record low as the 15-year bond has a yield of 2.256 percent and the 30-year bond is at 2.804 percent.