Main opposition New Democracy leads SYRIZA by over seven percentage points in both the parliamentary (7.8 percent) and European Parliament (7.3percent) elections according to a Metron Analysis opinion poll conducted for Alpha television.

In the European Parliament race, New Democracy places first with 27.2 percent followed by SYRIZA (19.9 percent), Movement for Change (6.6 percent), the KKE Greek Communist Party (5.8 percent) and extreme right Golden Dawn (4.6 percent).

In terms of the apportionment of parliamentary seats New Democracy gets 154, 76 for SYRIZA, 24 for the Movement for Change, 19 for Golden Dawn, and 18 for the KKE.

In parliamentary elections New Democracy garners 28.8 percent followed by SYRIZA (21percent), the Movement for Change (6.7 percent), Golden Dawn (5.1 percent), and the KKE (5 percent).

With a proportional distribution of the undecided vote, New Democracy’s lead grows to 10.2 percent (37.5 percent versus27.3 percent for SYRIZA. The Movement for Change places third with 8.7 percent.

The projected results give New Democracy the support to garner an absolute parliamentary majority and single-party rule. The proprtional distribution of the undecided vote gives the right-wing populist Elliniki Lysi (Greek Solution) 3.1 percent, enough to pass the threshold for entering parliament.