The assumption of responsibility by the anarchist group Rouvikonas for an attempted foray into the office of Independent Greeks MP Konstantinos Katsikis belied political interpretations that the attack was part of a plan to destabilise the government.
Parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis denounced the attack. “On the occasion of this attack that was attempted at the office of Mr. Katsikis, there is a universal condemnation by all democratic forces of the political spectrum at every moment – not selectively, with no offsets, and not tolerating views that in their extreme form lead to such attacks,” Voutsis said.
Shortly before Rouvikonas posted its statement on a website, Voutsis compared the attack on Katsikis’ office with an organised attack outside of parliament – “by small units and very violent groups” of the extreme right – during the no confidence vote against the government.
Voutsis revealed that chunks of marble, screws, wooden planks and metal objects were found after the attack, and he described that as “unprecedented and shocking”.
“Since then, time has passed, and unfortunately we are witnesses to incidents in which small groups of a few extremely violent people, with extreme, divisive slogans are making an extreme effort to scare the political system, parties, MPs and institutions,” Voutsis said.
“They may be trying – and this must be averted – to impose a climate of fear for their own ends and to promote their own views,” he added

“Democracy has means to defend itself. These acts are not just condemnable. They can and should be averted with one basic means – the full, unreserved denunciation of all such acts, against whomever and whatever party,” Voutsis said.