The 21 June Eurogroup is poised to decide on the post-bailout supervision framework, the amount of the last loan tranche, and possible debt relief measures, according to the agenda drafted by Eurogroup chief Mario Centeno.

According to the agenda, under the title “Greece’s economic adjustment programme”:

“The Eurogroup will assess the progress achieved by Greece in implementing the prior actions required under the fourth (and the final) review of its programme. The assessment will enable ministers to take a decision on all the elements needed to ensure the successful completion of the programme by August.
These elements are related to the surveillance framework that will apply after the programme, the size of the final tranche of financial support by the ESM and the possible debt measures. The Eurogroup listed debt measures in its statement of June, 2017.»
Moscovici urges substantial debt relief package

The European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, urged the Eurogroup to take substantial action, in concert with the Commission, with a package on Greek debt relief at its next meeting, while underlining that this would not be a debt haircut.