US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt expressed hopes that the two Greek army officers imprisoned in Turkey will return home soon, and indicated that the case remains a matter of importance for Washington.

Pyatt’s remarks, at the University of the Peloponnese, came just as the Turkish judiciary rejected a third request from the officers, that they be released from the maximum security prison in Edirne, pending trial.

He added that Washington supports PM Alexis Tsipras’ efforts to find a basis for dialogue and rapprochement.

Asked whether he foresees further escalation in Greek-Turkish relations, Pyatt quipped that he cannot make predictions.
“I always say that I have no crystal ball. What I will say on the question of Turkey is that we strongly support the approach that the Prime Minister [Tsipras] has taken – seeking to engage to find a basis for dialogue,” Pyatt.

The US ambassador also touched upon the captivity of two Greek army officers in a Turkish prison, for nearly two months, without charges having been filed.

“Certainly, on the question of the two soldiers, we understand how important this is for Greece. As the United States government, we have been fully engaged, and hope that these two soldiers will be able to return home very soon,” Pyatt said