Editorial: Obsessions instead of investments…

We are supposed to be agonizing over investments, especially from foreign funds, so…

Editorial: Obsessions instead of investments… | tovima.gr

We are supposed to be agonizing over investments, especially from foreign funds, so that the economy may finally move ahead and create new jobs. However even investments that had been arranged are falling apart because government officers cannot let go of their obsessions. The sale of DESFA to SOCAR and which fell apart yesterday is a characteristic examply.

It is a similar case on with the Elliniko investment, where the deadline are approaching, but the ministries and services are doing everything they can to sabotage it, with constant delays and unable to maintain timetables. It also seems that there are problems with the airport privatizations, where local government and officials are constantly causing delays in an effort to cancel them.

The same is happening on a smaller scale investments from Greek and foreigners, who are seeing their efforts stagnate from the endless bureaucracy, which eventually cancels their plans. Legislative provisions are being voted because the troika demands so, but in practice nothing is moving forward. One such example is the recent bill to fast track business licensing, which requires a series of ministerial decision in order to come into effect.

Instead of rushing to facilitate even the smallest of investments, instead of putting an end to the outdated obsession of its officers, instead of limiting bureaucracy, the government is idly watching by as one opportunity after the other are being wasted. As such no bailout agreement can save us, no debt relief will change the economy.

With one and a half million unemployed, the government which is supposed to defend the public interest, should be rushing to support any investment. Unfortunately for the left, private investments are associated with the damned neoliberalism. Consequently, even those who dare to invest in Greece are turned off as soon as they realize what they are getting into.


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Helios Kiosk