Editorial: Unionists beyond logic

The entire planet may be concerned and worried about the consequences the election…

Editorial: Unionists beyond logic | tovima.gr

The entire planet may be concerned and worried about the consequences the election of a demagogue might have, such as Trump at the help of a superpower, however in Greece there are some who live in their own world of demagoguery and populism. They are public sector unionists, who are having their own safe revolution, not against Trump, but the visit of Barack Obama!

ADEDY and teacher federation more or less declared the outgoing American President as the number one enemy of Greece. The government may be looking forward to help from Obama for a more beneficial debt settlement, the majority of the political world and society may consider him, mutatis mutandis, a leader with a positive contribution to Greek and global affairs, however the comfortable public sector unionists are still living in the era of the civil war…

As if nothing has changed in this country in 40 years, they who represent the most favored section of Greek society, during the ciris, are competing with the most extreme groups in throwing accusations against Obama.

“He comes as an agent of imperialist interests. He is not coming to ‘help with the country’s debt’, but to urge the country to increase its participation in the imperialist plans of the USA, the competitions and the wars in the region”. Unionist fossilsfrom another time, which bankrupted unionism insist with politically absurd statements to expose those who they are supposed to represent.

The teachers who are suppossed to teach children the value of dialog, the freedom speech are spreading intolerance, obssessive thinking and the simplistic world of slogans. Then we wonder why large sections of society beleive in conspiracry theories, violence and targetting different opinions.

It is sad that unionsts of this quality and with such beliefs represent thousands of civil servants and teachers. They do not deserve them and they do not represent, despite what they may scream, anything more than a sad and outdated minority that only cares about its personal interests.


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