The Council of Misdemeanors in Piraeus decided that the 77-year-old speedboat captain Thrasyvoulos Lykourezos must be detained until the trial.

According to the ruling, which was publicized by the Kathimerini newspaper, the captain did not call for assistance from other nearby craft to help the shipwreck victims at sea after the collision. Instead, the council notes, the captain prepared for his escape.

The Council cited a survivor of the tragic incident who called the captain to throw life vests, only for the captain to ignore the plea. It was also revealed that Lykourezos contacted a friend of his who was the former president of the Navy Fund of Aegina and municipal councilor.

Additionally, the council argues that the captain should have contacted the Coast Guard and head to the port of Perdika himself, rather than ‘end up somewhere else’ where he was picked up by a car.