Editorial: From Erdogan to Pappas…

In neighboring Turkey, the defender of democracy Erdogan, recalled the licenses…

Editorial: From Erdogan to Pappas… | tovima.gr

In neighboring Turkey, the defender of democracy Erdogan, recalled the licenses of radio and television stations which are believed to be linked to Gulen’s religious movement. In Greece, the defender of the rule of law Pappas is moving forward with implementing his vision of eradicating the stations which do not comply with his information standards.

By using the much-used argument of vested interests, SYRIZA targeted every voice that I felt did not suit it and yield to its pressure. After using radio and television media for years for their propaganda, as soon as they rose to power they believed that this was not enough. They only wanted willing media and journalists, who will focus their efforts on whitewashing their government.

So after arbitrarily and undemocratically deciding to limit the licenses to four, they got rid of their declared enemy, Mega Channel. This was the oldest, most dynamic television network, which was excluded from the tender process for a series of typical technical reasons that have been used as an alibi. After failing to subdue it through shady manipulations, they managed – or at least that is what they think – to shut it down.

They organized demonstrations and made ERT’s closure a main element of their propaganda and now, without any shame, they are prepared to shut down Mega Channel. They have no problem tolerating potential media moguls with shady connections, since according to the Prime Minister, all that is required is for them to have the funds; at the same time they cannot tolerate a channel which, despite everything, was a milestone in Greek television. This was evident a few days ago from the people’s response, when in spite of their strike, the channel’s journalists covered the crisis in Turkey.

The government’s plan is now clear, even to those who insist on turning a blind eye. They want the media – printed and electronic – to be subjugated to their calls and pursuits. They must be aware though that most times the reality which they are trying to enforce will bite back. Mr. Erdogan realized this and was forced to resort to the media that he fought in order to save himself…


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