Editorial: Greece and the chaos in Turkey

The problematic, for some time, democratic system in Turkey appears to have been…

Editorial: Greece and the chaos in Turkey | tovima.gr

The problematic, for some time, democratic system in Turkey appears to have been deeply affected by the abortive coup. However offensive a military dictatorship that a group from the armed forces attempted to enforce may be, the tactic of a legitimately elected government to violate the rule of law on all levels to enforce an authoritarian regime is just as dangerous.

Turkey is has been a deeply divided country for some time, with the Kurdish sore still open and Erdogan attempting to enforce an Islamic regime. Armed with a profound popularity among a significant section of Turkish society, gagging all voices of criticism, controlling the media and social networks, he simultaneously manages to win the elections and divide society.

Everything that followed the coup, the mass arrests of not just military, but judicial officers, public servants and everyone in general considered an enemy of the regime, demonstrates how democracy is in short supply in the neighboring country. It may not have been just Erdogan supporters who took to the streets, but also people who believe in and struggle for democracy, even the Kurdish party which is constantly in his sights, however the Turkish president shows that he only cares about his supporters and his regime.

The vision of a European country, which many had believed in when Erdogan first rose to power, is now fading away. Turkey’s future appears to be framed by authoritarianism, anti-democratic practices and violation of the rule of law. This future is worrying, as publicly argued by European and American leaders, who while recognizing Turkey’s strategic role, cannot accept the complete violation of democratic norms.

This future is also problematic for Greece which given the problematic relations of the two countries, is causing concern over the cycle of instability, political and social division in Turkey. With the entire region literally boiling, nobody can sit idly by…

While in spite of our problems we may remain an oasis of stability in a troubled region, it is not enough. We also need to overcome our problems as soon as possible, without political opportunism and finally establish a plan for national consensus to avoid any potential internal and external complications.


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