The government is not likely to introduce any significant changes to its electoral law reform proposal before tabling it in Parliament, with a senior government official telling Ta Nea that the proposal is ‘honest’.

Nevertheless, government sources underlined that certain issues which have not been included in the proposal – such as expatriate votes and breaking up the larger constituencies – may be addressed in the broader discussion on Constitutional review.

In order for the coalition government’s reform proposal for proportional representation to be applied to the next general elections, the backing of at least 200 MPs will be necessary. New Democracy has already ruled out voting for the bill, claiming that it will make it exceptionally difficult to form a government, while KKE has set certain conditions.

Although it is uncertain whether the government will achieve this, the government believes that even if it fails to pass the bill with such a majority, it will still stand to win, since any parties not supporting it will be ‘profoundly exposed’. The government is looking towards PASOK, whose president Fofi Gennimata made a similar proposal for proportional representation in 2015.