Over 250 firefighters, soldiers and volunteers have been deployed in Dervenochoria, Viotia where a major fire broke out over the weekend an has burned a large section of the pine forest.

On Sunday evening the fire split into two fronts, one with a southwest direction towards Magoula, while the other headed east towards Parnitha. The southwest front is in a remote area and was being tackled with water bombers. As such, the Fire Brigade’s ground forces were mostly engaged with the eastern front, so that it does not spread to Parnitha.

Thankfully the strong winds began to die down on later on Sunday evening, which encouraged the Fire Brigade. No populated areas are at risk.

Water bomber forced to land on Sunday

A Canadair 215 water bomber was forced to make an emergency landing on Sunday. Shortly after the bumpy landing, the aging aircraft went up in flames. The two Air Force pilots were hospitalized, with one requiring surgery for a back injury while the other is reportedly in good health.