A forest fire that broke out on Monday near a firing range in Akres near Megaras is dying out, thanks to combined efforts of 125 fire fighters with 25 vehicles and two aircraft.

Earlier, a 52-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of arson and has been taken to Athens prosecutor to address the charges. Fire Brigade officials commented that the man set a fire for agricultural work, which got out of control.

Meanwhile two fires broke out in Crete early on Tuesday. The first was reported at 2:10am in a pasture at Harkia near Rethymno. About 40 firefighters with 14 vehicles and a helicopter are trying to extinguish the fire which is being fueled by strong winds.

Another fire also broke out near the village of Potamies, in the Pediada district near Iraklio. The Fire Brigade has dispatched 10 vehicles with about 30 fire fighters to tackle the fire. The fire-fighting efforts are hindered by the strong winds in the area.

Finally, a fire was reported in Agioi Theodoroi near Corinth at about 9am on Tuesday morning. The fire has partially been set under control thanks to efforts of 25 firefighters.