The head of the River Stavros Theodorakis has estimated that in spite of its ‘resistance’, the coalition government will give in to creditor demands. In an interview on Mega Channel Mr. Theodorakis explained that the government will back down on pension cuts and non-performing loans. He added that the income tax and pension reforms have been agreed.

According to the River leader, the government is unable to do otherwise since the economy is in tatters, while the rate of unemployment continues to soar. Mr. Theodorakis further elaborated though that unless certain critical decisions are taken to support the middle classes, then Greece will collapse.

Later on in his interview Mr. Theodorakis accused Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of “presumably lying to the Greek people, he has done that many times. He says one thing to the Europe and Merkel and another to the Greek people and the political council”.

When asked whether his party will support the government in Parliament, Mr. Theodorakis noted that “the River will not hide behind a cheap oppositional no”. He further explained that “we will not vote the pension reform bill so that the government doesn’t collapse”, while adding that “that is [the Prime Mininster’s] problem”. Nevertheless, he was confident that the coalition government’s153 are “determined to vote for everything”.