The president of LAOS Giorgos Karatzaferis and Takis Baltakos, the close associate of former PM Antonis Samaras, are rumored to be preparing to establish a “right-wing SYRIZA”.

Politically this new party – party comprised of smaller parties and disgruntled voters from the right – would seek to fill the gap between New Democracy and the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. As such it said to be deeply anti-bailout and eurosceptic.

Amongst those rumored to be interested or approached to participate in the new party are Nikos Nikolopoulos, Vasilis Kapernaros, Panagiotis Psomiaidis, Byron Polydoras, Christos Zois, Failos Kranidiotis and Stavroula Xoulidou. General and former Chief of Staff Frangos Frangoulis was approached to lead the party, but had not interest of getting involved.