The former football player of AEK and national youth teams Giorgos Katidisis wanted by the police after he allegedly assaulted three players during the Agios Loukas – Pyrsos Petrias match, for a local match in Pella.

According to witnesses, during the match Katidis had a heated exchange with a 16-year-old opponent and punched in he head and check. He is the said to have carried on assaulting the 16-year-old on the ground. Two other players tried to stop him, but were also assaulted. All three players were hospitalized, with the 16-year-old suffering fractures in the neck and chest, while the other two reportedly had a cracked hand and bruises respectively.

Following the vicious attack, Katidis reportedly ran away and escaped to a neighboring village in order to avoid arrest by the police, as well as the friends and families of his victims.

In March 2013 the 23-year-old, when he was signed with AEK, caused major controversy when he celebrated in from of his club’s fans with a Nazi salute. Katidis later claimed to be “unaware” of what the Nazi salute actually meant, with his German couch at the time Ewald Lienen adding that “he doesn’t have an idea about politics”. After he was released from AEK Katidis tried his luck in Italy but failed to make an impression and retuned to Greece a year later.