The main opposition party New Democracy has compared the terms of the new bailout agreement that was recently reached between the government and institutions with the ‘Hardouvelis email’, which outlined a series of emergency measures that the previous government was negotiating.

According to the ND statement, the previous government erased the fiscal and current account deficits and tackled the deep recession, while setting the foundations for sustainable financial growth. The statement further explains that the “demonized” list of proposals planned by the Finance Minister at the time Gikas Hardouvelis included measures worth 980 million euros that would help secure a 3% GDP primary surplus rate for 2015.

Furthermore, New Democracy accused the current government of being irresponsible and lying about the measures it would have to take. The SYRIZA-led government wasted six months, caused a crisis of confidence, suspension of payments, closed the banks and imposed capital controls, which prompted a recession and new deficits.

Additionally New Democracy claims that the third “unnecessary” bailout, which includes 12 billion euros worth of measures, was “unavoidable” due to the “criminal management” of the Tsipras government. The main opposition party included a comparison of the ‘Hardouvelis email’ with the new bailout agreement.