In his radio interview, the Prime Minister wished to make it clear to his party’s internal opposition and reassure Greek society that he is defending the country’s Eurozone membership, because that is the mandate he has received from the people.

He specified that he does not have a mandate for a rift and called those opposing him from within his party to support the effort, otherwise they must resign and leave.

In essence he stated that he is determined to clash with his doubters and that it is a priority for him to safeguard the country, by reaching an agreement in the ongoing negotiations.

Irrespective of the mistakes – there were many, with the formalization of the threat of a Grexit being the most significant – the Prime Minister at present seems determined to complete the negotiations with the partners and make a fresh start.

However he is weakened politically, with his audience feeling betrayed and him facing the prospect of losing the majority in Parliament.

Truth be told, Mr. Tsipras is experiencing the attrition that all Prime Minister have suffered in the five-year crisis.

He held the delusion of a political negotiation, but when coming in contact with the timeless Greek problem, he realized the weight and responsibility of an impasse.

It took him six months to fully realize the dangers, he hurt the country and the economy and in the final hour he was forced to take a steep and hurting turn, the political consequences of which he is experiencing in painful way.

It is not time to determine accountability.

It is a priority to rescue the country and avert the prevalence of painful and harmful circumstances for the people.

Mr. Tsipras and his government need support right now.

The parties and pro-Europe forces must overcome their differences and offer their assistances.

And they will do so, because quite simply, that is dictated by the national interest. Everything else will follow…