The Prime Minister’s clear commitment, in his Tuesday evening interview, to do what is necessary to keep the country in the euro, is a choice supported by the vast majority of the people and almost all political democratic forces. From the moment though that Mr. Tsipras admitted that the possibility of a Grexit cannot be ruled out with certainty, then ratifying the agreement in Parliament is the only option for the country and the government.

The agreement is harsh and painful, however any other option, as explained by the Prime Minister, even with delay, would be absolutely catastrophic, especially for the more vulnerable sections of society. It is obvious that it is not enough to vote it; forces are necessary in order to serve and transform it into a national recovery plan.

It appears that these forces to not exist, at least not enough, in the government majority. Many of those who will vote for it are already denouncing the agreement in advance, including the Prime Minister. Should this rationale prevail, then we will quickly reach another impasse. And then, unfortunately, the Grexit will not just be a plan or the desires of some circles, but a visible reality.

The country does not need any more uncertainty, or a new electoral battle. This is demanded by the post-traumatic shock conditions that were are experiencing, according to Mr. Tsipras, it is demanded by the people, as evident by a survey published by To Vima on Tuesday. The inter-party problems and obsessions of an import part of SYRIZA cannot lead the country to new adventures.

On Tuesday evening the Prime Minister stressed that he has the historic responsibility of safely leading the country out of its current impasse, he has the responsibility and obligation to take all necessary initiatives to implement his promise.