The request submitted on Wednesday by the Greek government for a new three-year program is the first step towards overcoming the catastrophic impasse that Greece is currently in, following the dramatic warnings by the Eurozone leaders. For the first time since the onset of the crisis, Greece is clearly facing the prospect of being forced out of the euro.

The ‘Grexit’ is no longer a discussion amongst dark circles or some vultures of the markets. It was publicly put on the table by other European leaders, while the president of the European Commission revealed that there is already a plan in place address the consequences for Greece and all the other countries.

The “euro or drachma” dilemma then was not made up by some “traitors” to undermine the government, but is unfortunately a realistic and painful reality. We are now faced with this catastrophic prospect, with the little time left to address the lack of credibility and reforms demanded by our European partners making the effort so much more pressing and painful.

The Prime Minister, who stated from the stand in the European Parliament that his goal was an agreement with Europe, has not more room for political acrobatics and testing inter-party balances. By Thursday evening he must have finalize and support with all of his strength the plan to save the country.

The catastrophe looming ahead will not be tolerated by the people who are suffering, irrespective of what they voted for in the referendum. Abandoning the euro – despite the welter of words by some speaking from a safe distance – will have tragic consequences for the most vulnerable sections of society, those who government official constantly proclaim that they want to protect.

Greece, the economy and its people cannot go decades back just because some harbor populist revolutionary wet dreams and do not realize that having allies such as Le Pen and Golden Dawn undermines our essential democratic conquests.

With all of its problems and malfunctions Europe is Greece’s only real ally. Whether some like it or not, an agreement with our partners is the only way to avoid the worst case scenario, which is on the table. Mr. Tsipras has no right to waste this last opportunity.