The great majority of the Greek people gave the opportunity to the Prime Minister to negotiate a better agreement that will be based on the promises he made. The people ignored those who highlighted the dangers caused by the current situation and considered that there was no real danger of exiting the euro.

It is clear though that for large section of society, there is a crisis of trust towards Europe and its institutions. The dramatic impact on the living standards of the Greek people in recent years has had a decisive impact on their choices and psyche. It is just as clear that they closed their ears to the warnings of the opposition parties, which they continue to hold responsible for the country’s current state. The opposition’s reformation and adaptation to the new circumstance is inevitable. This is confirmed by the resignation of Antonis Samaras from New Democracy’s leadership, which will trigger major developments in the main opposition party.

The referendum result though means that the Prime Minister has a major responsibility. During the short election campaign process he vehemently stressed that his goal is to keep Greece in the euro and reach an agreement within 48 hours. The mandate he received from the people gives him absolute initiative.

From now on he has the responsibility of materializing everything that he has promised; to negotiate an agreement within a short time, which will be better than all those which the European partners have proposed so far.

The situation in Greece is absolutely critical. With bank closed, the economy in a chokehold, businesses barely surviving and the country’s main industry – tourism – being plagued by the uncertainty, it is clear that there is very little time left and there is a real chance of an accident.

The freedom of movements given to the Prime Minister by the people’s vote has a very specific time frame. The people hope that he will not disappoint them, that he will not waste away in endless negotiations and conflicts. He has the historic responsibility to keep Greece in Europe and the euro and to prove that he can finally keep his promises, without shouting and pointless clashes with the Europeans.