The president of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (ESEE) Vasilis Korkidis commented that the Greek government’s latest proposal will be a major burden on the country’s middle classes.

Nevertheless, Mr. Korkidis pointed out that after many months of negotiations, which exhausted the Greek economy, an agreement appears on the horizon, capable of unblocking funding, but crucially, dispelling rumors of an impeding catastrophe and a rupture with Europe.

The key seems to be in the lock and all that remains is for our European partners to turn it to lock the deal on the one hand and unlock 35 billion euros worth of funds for Greece” he explained.

Mr. Korkidis noted though that the many of proposals will increase the financial burden on SMEs, while maintaining the austerity and overtaxation. This, he estimated, will make it harder for the Greek economy to recover in the second half of the year.

Additionally, the ESEE president explained that calmness is required to address serious matters, since the polarization in recent times has exacerbated the real problems and undermined national compassion, which he argued was an essential condition for any sustainable solution. He expressed his hope that the negotiations would conclude and by the end of the week.