The Greek statistics authority ELSTAT has published its latest seasonally adjusted divs on the rate of unemployment for December 2014, according to which the rate increased to 26%, from 25.9% in November 2014, but dropped from the 27.3% rate in December 2013.

ELSTAT’s divs show that there were 1,233,404 unemployed and 3,371,756 financially inactive in December, compared to the 3,505,569 employed. As such, the number of the employed increased by 17,972 (0.5%) since December 2013, but dropped by 24,453 (0.7%) compared to November 2014.

The number of unemployed dropped by 76,053 (5.8) since December 2013 and 296 compared to November 2014. The financially inactive –those who are not working or seeking employment – increased by 252 since December 2013 and by 20,425 (0.6%) since November 2014.

ELSTAT’s full data set is available online.