The director of Alexis Tsipras’ political office Nikos Pappas [pictured left] argued that SYRIZA “will not make any unilateral decisions in Europe and we will maintain order in the public economy” in a telephone interview to Italian newspaper La Stampa. Mr. Pappas also stressed that should SYRIZA win general elections and form a government, “the Greek state would only spend money that it manages to collect” and that it will “begin negotiations with Europe”.

The interview was intended to sooth creditors and the markets that should the main opposition party rise to power, it will not carry out unilateral decision that would jeopardize its position in Europe. Furthermore, Mr. Pappas explained that SYRIZA’s goal is to guarantee “a stable government, a sustainable public debt and the plan for financial growth”.

Following the general elections, SYRIZA intends to enter a new phase of negotiations with Europe, according to SYRIZA spokesman Panos Skourletis [pictured right]. Mr. Skourletis told Mega Channel that the Prime Minister is “betting on fear” when he refers to the danger of the country exiting the Euro.

Furthermore, Mr. Skourletis underlined that “the Prime Minister told signaled the markets ‘came cannibalize my country because that is what my partisan interest dictates’” and added that “this Prime Minister is unreliable”. He also stressed that the Mr. Samaras sped up the Presidential election processunder popular pressure and the confirmed failure of his politics on all levels”.