Editorial: Will they ever learn the lesson?

Mr. Hardouvelis may offer reassurances – and justifiably so on his behalf – that the country will not fall back into political…

Editorial: Will they ever learn the lesson? | tovima.gr

Mr. Hardouvelis may offer reassurances – and justifiably so on his behalf – that the country will not fall back into political uncertainty, however the entanglement with the troika is neither painless nor inconsequential. The fact alone that they are already plans for a technical, perhaps, extension of the current deal illustrates how the path to exit the bailout which the government has promised was and remains slippery.

In any case, due to the upcoming Presidential elections, the country is in a state of political uncertainty which becomes more intense due to the delay in coming to an agreement with the troika. As a result, Greece is faced with insanity: while a series of financial divs are in a much better condition that countries such as Portugal and even Italy, the markets and our partners continue to treat like some sort of miasma.

To a great extent the political leadership of the country is to blame; the government for constantly delaying or trying to cancel measures to which it has committed, fearing the political cost. And the opposition, which constantly objects and does allow the creation of a common front against our creditors. The experience that the SYRIZA officers received in their contacts in London, on the same day of the government negotiations in Paris, is indicative of the delusions they harbor.

What is clear to the average person is unfortunately difficult for our political system to comprehend. It is no coincidence that the troika, the Europeans and the IMF constantly raise the bar in the negotiations with us. As soon as they realize that there is a lack of trust, that there is no common national strategy, they harden their stance, thus further increasing the uncertainty for the country.

These endless negotiations must come to an end though. There is only one solution: despite the many policies, we must find the lowest common denominator, since nobody is claiming that we must leave the euros and form a national negotiating team, which will claim the best possible deal with our creditors, both for the debt and exiting the bailout program.


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