The expulsion of MEP Sabiha Suleiman from SYRIZA’s list of candidates has caused tension within the ranks of the opposition. As of yet the opposition party has not offered an explanation for this development.

Mrs. Suleiman, who is known for her efforts towards the integration of the Roma and Muslim communities in Thrace, told SKAI that she was “suddenly expelled” via telephone call by SYRIZA secretary Dimitris Vitsa and remarked that SYRIZA “probably wanted a Turkish candidate”.

The replacement of Mrs. Suleiman with Mestan Osman Umiz appears to have been decided over the weekend after concerns were voiced over her prior associations and activities towards averting the ‘Turkification’ of the Roma minority of Thrace.

The decision to go against the Central Committee’s initial approval of Mrs. Suleiman’s candidacy has caused tension and confusion amongst SYRIZA members.