The current influenza outbreak in Greece has claimed 60 lives so far, with the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (KEELPNO) warning individuals in high risk groups, such as the elderly, obese and chronically ill, to get inoculated and seek out anti-viral treatment as soon as possible.

The Medical Association of Athens (ISA) announced that 40% of the high-risk population has not been inoculated for seasonal flue this year and claimed that pharmacists had not been supplied with sufficient quantities of flu shots.

Furthermore, the Medical Association stated that the lack of distinct inoculation policy in Greece was “criminal”, meaning that awareness was rather low. Additionally, ISA stresses that this problem was compounded by the distortion of scientific data to suggest that the flu shots have “possible side effects”.

Due to the extent of this years’ H1N1 virus outbreak, the hospital pharmacies will issue anti-viral medication for free.