Rector Synod in Thessaloniki focused on recent developments

The Rector Synod which is taking place in Thessaloniki continues today with the discussion and debates focused on the financed and operation problems related to the Ministry of Education’s suspension plans. In the evening the Rectors will hold a press conference to report their findings and conclusions.

Today’s discussions are focused on the financial problems experienced, with the universities have seen their budgets reduced by up to 60% in the past three years, while a further 15% budget cut is planned. In conjunction with the suspension plans affecting eight universities, will make operation problematic.

Yesterday the Synod discussed the referral of the NKUA Rector Theodosis Pelegrinis to the disciplinary council on misconduct charges, with Mr. Pelegrinis noting that “problems are solved through dialog, however painful it may be” and that every effort was made so that teaching could resume.

Helios Kiosk