Education evaluation procedure to be extended to all grades

According to the Deputy Minister of Education Simeon Kedikoglou, the evaluation process of a school unit’s educational efforts will be extended to all school grades. Mr. Kedikoglou explained that the evaluation procedure will gradually be implemented in preschool, primary and secondary education.

In the first phase of implementation, the school consultants, administrators and directors will be informed and educated on the procedures. The Science Team of the Evaluation of Education project (AEE) and the Institute of Education Policy will handle the seminars, which are going to take place in the country’s 13 regions.

The evaluation will be supported by the development of an AEE Watchdog, where educational material on methods and teaching tools, including appropriate conduct and results of implementation in pilot schools will become available. The pilot program has seen the participation of 500 school units, 5,000 teachers.

Helios Kiosk