Hospital union leader demanded 50,000 euros to call off stike

The leader of the employee union at the Sotiria hospital has been arrested after it was alleged that he demanded 50,000 euros from hospital president Maria Kara in exchange for not calling a strike.

According to the Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadis, the union leader threatened to call a strike over the construction plans of a bioequivalence of generic drugs research clinic on hospital grounds, worth 4 million euros of NSRF funds. The Minister mentioned that further “weird events” that took place at the hospital would be investigated.

The police operation lasted two weeks and involved the video recording of carious conversations between the union leader and hospital administrator. The two came to an “agreement” for 50,000 euros to ensure that there were no reactions to the construction plans.

The union leader arranged to collect the 50,000 from the hospital administrator’s house, where he was arrested. The police later recovered a 9mm pistol, two knives, a pair of handcuffs, a collapsible police baton, a hunting rifle and Dictaphone from his car and home.

Helios Kiosk