The former Commander of the Police Department in Agios Panteleimonas has been arrested and suspended, as he is accused for not taking the necessary measures to tackle Golden Dawn’s actions in his jurisdiction. The former commander had been stationed at Agios Panteleimonas PD until 2011.

The Police’s Internal Affairs agency discovered that the former commander had not investigated the allegations of immigrants that they had been attacked and that any reports involving racially-motivated attacks against immigrants were filed away. The result was that local residents were urged to contact the local Golden Dawn offices to address any problems they might have with immigrants.

According to the Police report, the former commander and a 52-year-old woman are formally accused of misuse of authority, forgery, perjury, repeated adulteration, possession and distribution of weapons, smuggling and money laundering among others. Another man and woman are still wanted in relation to these charges.

The police recovered from the former commander’s office 10,700 euros in cash, two gold coins, a pepper spray, a tazer, 64 round of 9mm pistol ammunition, 11 working mobile phones and an foreigner’s asylum application form. During physical search of the commander, the police found 2,300 euros in cash and hand written notes indicating illegal casinos in and around Athens.

From his house in Athens they found 10,200 euros in cash, two bank account savings books, three pistols, a collapsible police baton, 2 air guns, 6 switchblades, 7 knives, 2 axes, 3 swords, 2 laptops, 2 USB flash drives, 25 working mobile phones, 16 imitation bags and wallets and scores of official police documentation.

From his house in Ioannina the Police recovered 14 hunting rifles (one with a scope), 4 zip guns, 1 air gun, 1 pistol, 2 knives, 1 switchblade, 2 old type hammers, multiple rounds of ammunition and 718.4 grams of cannabis.