Even though there were fifteen eye witnesses of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, four of whom were police officers who rushed to the scene, the police are having problems identifying the Golden Dawn members in the cafeteria that contacted Giorgos Roupakias.

According to the police the eye-witnesses are not able to identify the Golden Dawn members out of fear reprisals from the extremist party. The police report that the Golden Dawn members in the cafeteria telephoned Roupakias and asked him to come as “back up”.

Roupakias initially claimed that he had been in the cafeteria throughout the evening to watch a football match. His wife contradicted him in her statement and claimed that he was at home when he received a phone call, prompting Roupakias to head to the cafeteria. She was not able to identify who contacted her husband, so the police will be examining his telephone records to locate the caller.

Eviction sent him to Golden Dawn

Meanwhile, friends of the 45-year-old Roupakias revealed that his relationship with Golden Dawn became stronger when he was evicted from his previous apartment. Roupakias was unable to support his family from his occasional work at the fishmongers, so the party actively supported him and employed both his wife and daughter.