Support for Sakkas increases

The popular support for hunger striker Kostas Sakkas grows ever day, in anticipation of the judicial council’s ruling regarding his demand to be released. It is likely that the Appeal Council will rule Sakkas’ application today.

Sakkas has been on a hunger strike for 36 days because he has been detained without trial for 31 months, exceeding the 18-month maximum detention period. Despite this, the Appeal Council recently decided to extend his detention for a further 6 months, without providing a legal argument.

The hunger striker is accused of participating in the militant Conspiracy of Fire Cells group, which he denies. Due to the hunger strike, he has lost at least 13 kilos and his health has deteriorated.

The doctors at the State Hospital of Nikea, where he is being treated, fear that he might face permanent damage or a stroke. Representatives from the Doctors of the World NGO requested to visit Sakkas, but were turned away by the police officer in charge of Sakkas’ protection.

Protesters symbolically took over the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and the Citizen Service Center in Veria. The support for Sakkas is flooding social networks in Greece, with hashtags #free_Sakkas, #KostasSakkas and #SakkasIsDying being at the top of Greek trends.

Helios Kiosk