The 92 people who were arrested yesterday after retaking the «Villa Amalias” squat were to be taken to the «former Evelpidon» courts, however it was decided for the Prosecutor to go the Police HQ instead. A solidarity protest has been organized for 1pm outside the courts.

Regarding the squatting of DIMAR’s offices (which was in solidarity to the Villa Amalias squatters), 40 people were arrested and later set free.

Villa Amalias was briefly reclaimed by squatters on Wednesday, despite police presence. According to reports, two groups were involved: the first one drew the attention of the police guarding the building by staging a sudden attack, allowing the second one to break the locks and enter.

Police initially tried to empty the building with tear gas and later raided it. The police reported that it recovered helmets, gas masks and an improvised shield.