With self-denial and self-sacrifice the heroes in green and white shirts are tirelessly battling the second and more deadly wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Exposed to dangers and adverse conditions they make super-human efforts daily to relieve the pain of patients and to save as many lives as they can without distinctions.

The second wave is for doctors and nurses on the frontline much harsher than the first.

They have for nearly ten months been waging trench warfare with an invisible and stubborn enemy.

Beyond their clear exhaustion, their work is made much more difficult by all sorts of deniers and conspiracy theorists who even now continue to reject reality.

Aside from a big thank you and gratitude that the Greek people owe them for their invaluable services the state must recognise their sacrifices in a more palpable manner.

The least that can be done is to offer them a bonus as was done at Easter.

They must not once again be rewarded only with applause.