Marinakis: «The result was clearly distorted – Dräger was fouled before the goal»

Vangelis Marniakis spoke clearly of a distortion of the result of the Olympiakos – Manchester City match. There was an obvious foul before City’s goal.

Olympiakos was defeated by a superior Manchester City, but with a goal that shouldn’t have been counted. A goal that in the end determined the match. Vangelis Marinakis spoke of an injustice and a distortion of the results. Moreover, he criticised heavily the VAR referees, who didn’t point the mistake out to ref Masa.

Here are Marinakis’ statements:

«Despite our absensces, we could have had a better results. Today we had a distortion of the match result: in the first and only goal there was a clear foul, Dräger was hit with the elbow. It’s very easy for the VAR referees to see and inform the referee, if he hadn’t seen it.

It’s not nice when our players give everything in the field and when we could have gotten a good results, to be wronge by the referees for one more time, when they could have seen it in VAR.

I believe we deserved a good result, even though we could have been better in the first half. It’s truly something unfair, we didn’t expect this from the referees.

We move on. Olympiakos can claim two good results to progress onto the next phase. We believe in it, even though we have our problems, with injuries and Covid, but that’s why we are here in Olympiakos: to overcome any difficulties.

We have to beat Aris on Saturday, because our first goal is the league and then we need to go to Marseille and play for the qualification. We have beaten Marseille before and we can do it again.»

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