Compliance with the guidelines of experts when the issue involves public health and life itself is not backward nor a blow to liberty and inalienable rights.

On the contrary, for conscientious citizens it is a palpable demonstration of solidarity and a superlative act of responsibility towards one’s fellow citizens and oneself.

We must all realise that the strict measures taken by the state on the advice of scientists are temporary and necessary for the continuation of life and for us to continue as healthy people to enjoy the benefits of democracy.

These are not measures taken exclusively on a national level.

Similar restrictions are in effect all over the world regardless of countries’ form of government.

The duration of these measures depends on the degree of compliance.

Yesterday was the first day that new, stricter rules came into effect and the results were encouraging as there was a high level of compliances.
What is important is the duration of the epidemic.

Professor Sotiris Tsiodras, the health ministry’s spokesman, said that the relative flattening of the curve of the spread of the virus in Greece is cause for guarded optimism.

He underlined, however, that restrictive measures must not be loosened because transmission and the number of new cases would increase exponentially.

That is precisely the critical factor that will determine the outcome of the battle with an invisible and extremely powerful foe.
The religious implementation of the rules and a show of discipline on everyone’s part is not just an act of conformism.