Editorial: We do not know what will dawn on us…

Many may have warned for some time about the decline of democracy from within…

Editorial: We do not know what will dawn on us… | tovima.gr

Many may have warned for some time about the decline of democracy from within, however Trump’s electoral win against all odds caused a world-wide shock. At least in the developed world, where the democratic institutions are the foundations of social organization. The presence of a ruthless demagogue in what is meant to be the most powerful democracy in the West was enough to demonstrate how fragile these foundations are.

Donald Trump turned out to be immune to the attacks against him, the people completely ignored a long series of revelations of his private and public life. His profoundly shocking beliefs on human rights and international agreements were rewarded by millions of voters. He may have appeared unifying in his first speech following his election, in defense of the “American spirit”, but nobody knows for sure what he will do when he is in power.

It is no coincidence that demagogues and far-right populists around the globe celebrated his election, while leaders such as Merkel and Hollande were quick to remind that common values such as democracy, freedom, the respect of the rule of law, respect for human decency irrespective of origin, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political beliefs which link Europe and America.

Of course the election of Trump is not a positive development for Greece. The investment of the Tsipras government in President Obama for a debt settlement is not likely to go ahead as planned. The only time that Trump referred to our country he was demeaning about us and Europe, arguing that the US has no business with Greece, that our country is Germany’s or Russia’s problem.

Given all this, the upcoming visit of President Obama is unlikely to help Greek interests. Of course the major concern is the policy the USA will adopt in relation to the open fronts in our region, as well as ties with Erdogan in Turkey.

The insecurity and uncertainty that affected Greece’s interior is now being generalized via Trump. Any domestic lightheaded populists celebrating his election may be faced with unpredictable developments. Because when populism and demagoguery turn into leading forces, nobody can know what will dawn on them…


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