Editorial: The only duty of Mr. Tsipras

The survey published by To Vima on Sunday and other polls that are revealed every…

Editorial: The only duty of Mr. Tsipras | tovima.gr

The survey published by To Vima on Sunday and other polls that are revealed every day show an ever increasing lack of credibility of the government and institutions as a whole. The people’s disappointment is growing and the Prime Minister’s personal image has hit rock bottom. Never again has an active Prime Minister lost the trust of public opinion in such a short time.

It is no coincidence that a section of the people who will abstain fm the elections is reaching an unprecedented level. If we consider the fact the abstention was 45% in the 2014 elections and the disappointment from Prime Minister’s retreat after the referendum, and this tendency continues, it is likely that half of the voters will not cast their vote.

That is an achievement of the Tsipras government which nevertheless continues to praise immediate democracy and popular participation. The constant delays, disillusionment, arrogance and political amorality he exudes lead a significant section of the voter to the margins of politics. When the until recently perfect, according to the PM, Minister is expelled from the government while denouncing a political assassination from his leader, what must the people who are agonizing over survival do?

Whatever Mr. Tsipras and his government do from now on it is unlikely that they will reverse the catastrophic impression they have on public opinion. They only have one duty to offer f they want to save what little political decency they have left: to complete the second review as soon as possible in hope of the country and economy overcoming the uncertainty.


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