The association of tourist businesses (SETE) expects international tourist arrivals to exceed 25 million, having increased by about 6%, for the 2016 season. SETE also expects revenue to go by 6.4%, for a total of about 14.55 billion euros.

According a recent study published by SETE, overnight stays will increase by 5.4% to about 195 million, while the average cost per trip will marginally increase from 579.6 euros in 2015 to 581.9 euros in 2016.

In its study though, SETE notes that the additional taxes – especially on the islands were reduced VAT rates were abolished – have reduced the competitiveness of the Greek tourist industry by about 10%.

The key to increasing tourist arrivals and revenue, the study notes, is by enriching and differentiating the country’s tourist product and increasing competition towards other competitive markets. The study further notes that the Greek tourist industry suffers from problems in the country’s regional airport, ports and road networks.