There is no other country in the civilized world where ministers act the in the tactless and unacceptable fashion of certain officers from the SYRIZA-led coalition government. Just like the unacceptable and bully attitude is unprecedented in the parliamentary history of the Left in Greece.

Mr. Polakis can act the way he wants amongst his friends and buddies, so long as they tolerate him. As a minister though, as a political div, as a representative of the notorious ethos of the Left, he not only doesn’t have the right, but he has the duty to respect his opponents and respond to extreme criticism with arguments, rather than making unacceptable threats.

The Alternate Minister of Health is not the only government officer who responds to his political opponents or media reports with threats and insults. After all, the media has been Mr. Tsipras’ favorite target ever since rising to power. Criticism is treated as an attempt to undermine and therefore media and journalists who dare dispute the one and only truth, that SYRIZA possesses, are immediately targeted.

There is also the “center-right” partner of Mr. Tsipras, the Minister of National Defense who has is claiming the title of Field Marshal. Obviously to demonstrate his heading national and patriotic abilities, he wore his battle dress to prove to us that the country’s defense lies on his shoulders.

The country is constantly on the brink, so a little bit more seriousness would not harm. When opportunism, populism, placating political audiences and incompetence prevail, then it is unavoidable that people holding such beliefs will prevail. Mr. Tsipras appears to tolerate this. Greece, however, cannot endure this any more.