The founder of the Democratic Left Fotis Kouvelis hinted towards a return to SYRIZA, in a Tuesday-morning interview he gave to SKAI, amid the political uncertainty at present.

Mr. Kouvelis, who explained that his differences with his former party are limited in light of SYRIZA’s “turn to Europe”, argued that he would return to the party, if certain conditions were met, such as establishing specific policies.

According to Mr. Kouvelis, the gradual disengagement from the bailout agreements is necessary, but he stressed it must be clear that the framework for this to occur will be very strict and that the government must secure ‘counterbalances’.

Regarding the ongoing farmer protests, Mr. Kouvelis sided with the government and estimated the strike actions have certain political goals, such as undermining the government. Nevertheless, Mr. Kouvelis commented that the government is in the position to carry out corrective interventions for the self-employed and farmers.