Time is running out for Mr. Tsipras

Four months after the elections and we are still in a state of alert and total insecurity. The negotiation of the new…

Time is running out for Mr. Tsipras | tovima.gr

Four months after the elections and we are still in a state of alert and total insecurity.

The negotiation of the new government with the partners and creditors does not seem to end, despite the many milestones and obvious consequences on all aspects of economic and social life.

Without a doubt the economy is suffering from the enduring credit crunch, businesses are giving a daily battle for survival and even the born-again sector of tourism is under pressure and at risk of loosing its glamor, due to the general climate of undermining everything.

Additionally, the state is functioning poorly due to a lack of resources; wages and pensions are secured at the last moment and the people are living in a state of endless uncertainty, which is shaking live, affecting consciousness and definitely changing beliefs (the number of people regretting how they voted is on the rise).

Clearly the country cannot carry on living in such a state of general insecurity.

As times goes by and there is no long-term solution to the Greek problem, anything could happen, at any moment, on any occasion.

Anyone can understand that this overexposure to the random and unpredictable can only trigger adverse developments in a country like Greece, where there is not shortage of domestic and international risks.

Also, time is running out. The current program expires in June. Without a new agreement, Greece will be fully exposed, without its own resources and access to the markets.

In this case a default must be considered a given, with consequences that cannot be accurately determined.

In this respect, the government and the Prime Minister personally must provide a clear and direct solution in time, within the next few days.

Either complete the negotiation by assuming the responsibility of taking the measures that accompany it, or declare that they are unable to meet their obligations in the current European and International environment and call the Greek people to make their choices.

There can be no other midway solutions that will cancel decades old strategic choices that have taken in the absence of the Greek people.

At this point there is nothing else for Mr. Tsipras to do other than assume his responsibilities.

Antonis Karakousis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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