ELSTAT: 2013 Trade balance deficit down by 11%

Greek statistics authority ELSTAT published data regarding the trade balance deficit in 2013, which was estimated to be 19.34 billion euros and was 11% less than in 2012, when it was 21.72 billion euros. When excluding oil products from the equation, the deficit was found to drop by 8.1%, namely 1.14 billion euros/

The total value of imports and arrivals in 2013 was 46.88 billion euros, compared to 49.31 billion euros in 2012, resulting in a 4.9% reduction. Without taking oil products into account, the reduction was 1.5 billion euros (4.8%).

Meanwhile, the total value of exports and departures in 2013 was found to be 27.54 billion euros, which was 0.2% less than in 2012 (27.58 billion euros). Excluding oil products, the reduction was by 368 million euros (2.1%).

Regarding December 2013, the trade balance deficit fell to 1.39 billion euros, compared to 1.42 billion euros in December 2012 (-2.1%). Not including oil products, the deficit dropped by 21.5% (254 million euros).

The total value of imports and arrivals was 3.49 billion euros, about 9.6% less than in 2012, when it was 3.87 billion euros. Excluding oil products, the value of imports dropped by 11.8% or 301 million euros.

Finally, the value of exports and departures was 2.09 billion euros, when in December 2012 the value was 14% higher (2.44 billion euros). By not including oil products, the valued dropped by 47.7 million euros (3.5%).

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