Stournaras and prosecutors meet to discuss progress of investigations

The Minister of Finances Yannis Stournaras is scheduled to meet with financial prosecutors Athanasiou and Dragatsis and the head of the Financial and Economic Crime Unit (SDOE) Stasinopoulos.

The meeting was scheduled in order to examine developments in the cases concerning the controversial “Lagarde List” and the more recent case involving overseas remittances. Mr. Stournaras will also set a realistic time frame for the completion of all investigations.

A few days ago Mr. Dragatsis order a preliminary investigation of the Lagarde List in order to expedite and complete the inspection that began about three years ago over the next two months. The authorities are examining the people on the list of tax evasion and money laundry.

Mr. Dragatsis has taken initiatives in order to complete inspections and investigations that have stalled, most of which relate to tax evasion and large property.

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