The Prime Minister Antonis Samaras recently gave an interview to the German Bild newspaper, where he addressed concerns over Greece’s finances and the possibility of a third aid package. Mr. Samaras also took the opportunity to address reports that the Greek people are “richer” than Germans.

Regarding the allegations that the Greek people are richer than the German people, the PM pointed out the GDP has dropped by 25%, while the rate of unemployment has reached 27%. Furthermore, the Prime Minister explained that the value of assets and real estate have dropped significantly in that past six years of the deep recession.

When asked about the rumors of a third aid package, the Prime Minster responded that Greek did not need further assistance and that he was not aware of the German Finance Minister Schäuble’s plans. Mr. Samaras explained that the current Greek program contains various clauses related to the primary surplus that could reduce the interest rates and extend payment deadlines.

Additionally Mr. Samaras insisted that 76% of agreed-upon reforms have been implemented and that claimed that Greek bonds are one of the finest investments at present. The German newspaper also asked Mr. Samaras about the situation in Turkey, to which the PM responded that Athens desires stability in Turkey. Mr. Samaras added that should Turkey adhere to EU principles Greece would be open to the possibility of Turkey joining the EU.