The Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) is preparing an informational campaign for the new application for reading QR Codes of receipts.

The new application

AADE is proceeding with the creation of a new application for mobile phones, which enables consumers to check the details and validity of a receipt, which they receive as part of their transaction, by scanning with their mobile phone the QR code located on the receipt.

The data will then be automatically sent to the AADE system and the consumer will be informed of the result of the control and in the event of a violation being found, he will have the opportunity to report the evidence to the AADE.

The target

This is a new application which is expected to significantly contribute to the strengthening of tax compliance and the fight against tax evasion, while protecting the rights of consumers, as it gives them the possibility to know the validity and legality of the transaction they have carried out.

At the same time, through this application, the AADE will be informed in a timely and valid manner about the companies that evade taxes and will have the possibility to immediately carry out checks and cross-checks.