Hellenic Post: Cyber ​​attack on information systems – What services are available

Services available after the cyber attack

What services are available to the public after the cyber attack that took place, last night, against the information systems of the Hellenic Post the administration of ELTA is informing the public, noting, however, that the restoration has already begun, is progressing rapidly and will be completed as soon as possible. .

With its latest announcement, the management of Hellenic Post (ELTA) informs the public with a series of questions-answers about which services are available:

– What commercial operations are suspended by ELTA due to the cyber attack?

Until the problem is remedied by the ELTA branches, the collection of bills, the sending of mail and the financial services will not be served. All these operations, except the financial ones, will be normally served by ELTA Courier.

– How long will it take to fix the problem?

Recovery has already begun, is progressing rapidly and will be completed as soon as possible. More information will be available tomorrow after the evaluation of the data and guided by the security of the system and transactions.

– How is the delivery of pensions and benefits to the beneficiaries affected?

All pensions will be paid to the beneficiaries on time. For the bonuses, too, every effort will be made to be paid on time.

– Was there a loss of personal data or other security information?

No leaks of personal information or other data have been detected so far.

– How much will the performance of utilities accounts and correspondence be affected?

The accounts and correspondence of utilities are not affected and are served normally.

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