Editorial: We must not relive such irresponsibility

Woe unto us if in the era of technology we cannot organise a mechanism to inform people of impending disasters in a timely manner.

Silent walk in memory of the fire victims, at Mati, Attica, Greece on July 23, 2019. One year is spent from the fire at Mati that killed 102 people. / Σιωπηλός περίπατος στη μνήμη των θυμάτων στο Μάτι, 23 Ιουλίου 2019. Συμπληρώνεται ένας χρόνος από τη φωτιά στο Μάτι που στοίχισε τη ζωή 102 ανθρώπους.

All that was revealed by the Prime Minister about the management of the aftermath of the deadly Mati wildfire highlights the shoddiness and the perpetual inadequacy of the state as well as the cynicism of power.

Until now we knew of the tragic omissions, the lack of even fundamental organisation, and the cottage industry of disinformation that aimed at covering up the responsibilities for a national tragedy.

Despited the belated weighty statements, the irresponsibility and omissions continue to predominate in the management of the tragic consequences of the deadly wildfire.

Our fire-ravaged fellow citizens who are struggling to survive received nothing from the callous people in power.
What happened in Mati was the complete confirmation of the collapse of the state.

It revealed the lack of meritocracy, incompetence, lack of planning, and ignorance of even the basic rules of protection. All that remains to some extent in state services.

We saw 102 of our fellow-citizens die and hundreds more whose lives were destroyed.

Despite the rage and uproar very few things changed over the last year.

This criminal indifference and diachronic weakness of the state cannot continue.

Promises and good intentions will not suffice. The entire civil protection system must be radically overhauled.

This must be done with respect for the lives of citizens, for the environment, and for the property of citizens.

There is no more room for new excuses, for delays, or for shifting responsibilities.

Obviously everyone, including citizens, bears a share of responsibility but it is the obligation of the state to impose rules and block social irresponsibility.

Everyone now knows that climate change brings increasingly unforeseeable and dangerous conditions.

We cannot fully avert the revenge of nature, yet we can limit its consequences and protect lives.

Woe unto us if in the era of technology we cannot organise a mechanism to inform people of impending disasters in a timely manner.

We all have a duty to make sure that the Mati tragedy remains a thing of the past.

That is the only way to honour our fellow humans who were so unjustly lost.

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